Getting The Word Out

Building brand relationships through digital communication of beautiful outdoor experiences! 


Nani Vision

Bridging the gap between the rugged outdoors and communicating the beauty it has to offer!

At Nani Communications, I believe life’s biggest challenges and greatest joys can be found and answered in the relationships built outdoors. These can be enjoyed on a hike with your furry best friend, conquering a run on a mountain, or hitting that great break on a board. The outdoor experience offers an endless opportunity to communicate your brand and the world should know this.

This is all encompassed in that stoke of those special experiences.

I want to help you communicate this beautifully and effectively!

I specialize in digital-first content of the Outdoor experience.  One-to-one communication through partnering with brands and developing their message builds brand following and loyal fans. 

I partner with for-profit and non-profit companies in the outdoor industry and work with some of our industry's most respected leaders, including some of the great influencers in the women’s outdoor industry movement.

Behind the name

Nani is a translated word from the Hawaiian language meaning beautiful. Communications – because we are all looking for the best way to convey our message simply and with the beauty of our brand or service voice.


I am a millennial marketer which makes digital my main trade. I am fortunate enough to have been mentored by so many amazing individuals who have added to this repertoire.

  • Brand Building and Development

  • Social Marketing on all channels

  • Building 1:1 relationships

  • Public Relations

  • Content Creation

  • Managing Ambassador-influencers to create experience content

  • Events and Project Management

  • CRM and Email Marketing

  • SEO and Google Analytics


About Nisa

I am an outdoor enthusiast that looks to inspire others in-and-out of the industry. I am purposeful, energetic and open-minded and convey this energy through all digital marketing facets. I am looking to amplify unique outdoor experiences through partners in the Outdoor Industry while building into a wider range of of industries.

I live and breathe the outdoors with my spirited husky Nani (hence the vision for the name).


I would love to hear from you!


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